Professional photographer and videographer

Video Industrial Tecnica
Photography, Art Direction
Olio Dante
Branding, Photography, Retouching
Air Italy Uniforms Reveal
Branding, Art Direction, Photography, Post-Production
Food Photography for Sorbole
Photography, Art Direction
Onboard Business Class
Photography, Retouching, Art Direction
Spot Air Italy Summer Campaign
Video, Graphic Design, Branding, Motion Graphics
Business Class Dining
Branding, Photography, Graphic Design
Air Italy Events Photo/Video
Photography, Branding, Film
Air Italy Brand Campaign
Photography, Branding, Compositing, Retouching
Spot Air Italy Winter Campaign
Video, Motion Graphics, Branding, Editing
Colorful - Personal Project
Photography, Fashion, Art Direction
Editorial for Danza
Branding, Advertising, Fashion Photography
Winter Mood - Personal
Studio Photography, Fashion, Lighting, Post-Production
Editorial for Vox
Set Design, Digital Photography, Fashion
Denise for L'ulà
Advertising, Post-production, Fashion
Lana Del Rey - Remake Set
Fashion, Fashion Styling, Photography
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