I'm an Italian-Iranian photographer based in Turin, Italy who specializes in photographing and filming commercials.
In 2011 when I was a fresh computer engineering graduate, I enrolled in M.Sc in
Cinema and Media Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.  Here I was lucky enough to meet a number of amazing professors who opened my eyes to the world of film and photography; this would alter the path of my life in more ways than I could ever imagine.  What started by chance turned out to be the perfect mix of technical challenge and creative outlet, and I decided right there and then that it absolutely must be my career. 
It may appear off topic, but I gained immeasurable insight into what it means to work hard, with passion, vision, intention, and artistry. My work is an obsession, so every day and every shoot is an opportunity to learn and to further develop my ideas.

Since 2018, I've been working as exclusive photographer for
Air Italy, one of biggest Italian Airlines, to assist management and other departments to deliver stylish, sophisticated, and a first-class corporate contents.
I developed a variety of graphics, videos and photo imagery from planing, directing, producing, to making editorial decisions for marketing uses (OOH, Web, social media and magazines). 
I'm so grateful to work with the prestigious clients such as Rai, Sotheby's Italy, Ferrero,  RE/MAX, and so many others in the past years.

I am available for private photo/video sessions, as well as events all around Europe. 
Thank you for taking time to look at my site and work; I hope to meet you in the near future.‌
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